Question: Can You Disable Comments On A Facebook Picture?

Can you turn off comments on Facebook ads 2020?

Turn off Comments Using Facebook Moderation You can find this option under Facebook Page Settings > General > Page Moderation.

This will hide all incoming comments on your facebook posts and ads..

How do you block comments on photos on Facebook?

When you want to prevent others from posting comments on your pictures, you must delete the comments as they appear or edit your privacy settings. Your privacy settings allow you to make the pictures private or block specific friends from viewing and commenting on the picture.

Can I turn off comments on my post?

Unfortunately, the functionality to disable comments on your posts is not currently available. Anyone included in the privacy setting of your post will be able to view, like, and comment on your post. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind as we continue to improve Facebook.

Can you change your cover photo without everyone knowing?

How do I change my Facebook cover photo without it being visible to the public? … Right after changing the cover go to your timeline and change the status of your recent post-which is the change you just made- change the status from ‘public’ to ‘me only’ .

How do I block comments on FB?

Facebook PageStep 1: Go to settings.Step 2: Go to “General” then “Page Moderation” From the “General“ section, scroll down to “Page Moderation.” Click “Edit.”Step 3: Enter words to block. … Step 4: You’re Done. … Step 1: Choose degree then save. … Step 2: You’re done.

How do I turn off comments and likes on Facebook posts?

Open your profile and select ‘settings’ (you can find your profile by clicking on your avatar top right). Then uncheck ‘allow comments and likes’.

Can you disable comments on Facebook profile picture?

There is no way to disable the comments and likes for all friends. You can do it for specific people if want to do that. What you can do is change the profile picture and set the privacy setting to “Only Me”. … Friends can it in the thumbnail profile picture.

How do I disable comments on my Facebook cover photo?

You should be aware that a small thumbnail of your profile picture will remain visible but any comments and likes will be hidden. To do this, find the question mark icon at the top right corner, followed by Privacy shortcuts, then See More Settings.

Can you change your Facebook cover photo without everyone knowing?

If you do not want to show this update publicly or you want to change Facebook profile picture without notifying friends, you need to make this update “Private”. For that, click the globe sign visible next to the date/time and select Only me.

How do I change the privacy on my cover photo?

When you receive the update, navigate to your photo albums homepage and open the one titled Cover Photos. To change the audience of a photo, click it, and then hover over the icon next to the date. Choose your new privacy setting for the photo from the dropdown menu.

How do I turn off comments on Facebook 2019?

Click the three-dotted icon in the upper right-hand corner, and click on “Turn Off Comments.”