Question: How Long Does It Take To See Kybella Results?

Can you see results after one Kybella treatment?

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Kybella Treatment.

It takes about four to six weeks after a treatment session to see the Kybella before-and-after results you desire.

Often, more than one and up to four treatments are required..

How long does Kybella swelling last?

A majority of patients experience a peak in the inflammation approximately 20 to 28 hours following the procedure. This swelling will begin to resolve after 48 hours and subside by the third day. In a few cases, the swelling may persist for a longer period.

How long does Kybella cost?

You may need more than one Kybella treatment, depending on the amount of submental fat located underneath the chin and around your jawline. The average patient usually requires about three Kybella injections, making the total cost of their Kybella treatments average to about $3600.

How quickly does Lipodissolve work?

The medication produces a chemical reaction to dissolve localized areas of fat. Typically, benefits are seen within three weeks of the treatment. Several treatments, four to six weeks apart, are often required to produce the maximum result. There is no downtime after lipodissolve.

Does Kybella leave loose skin?

Answer: Kybella is FDA approved for submental fat reduction. … Unlike liposuction which removes fat but can leave loose skin, there is some contraction of the skin that is noted to occur with Kybella as it gradually dissolves treated fat.

Should you wear a chin strap after Kybella?

My patients often ask me how they will look and feel after their Kybella injections. The patients do not need to wear this neck compression dressing all the time, but I encourage patients to wear the neck dressing for the first 3-4 days, especially when at home and at night. …