Question: Is HIV Easy To Catch?

Do you have to tell someone you are undetectable?

For the most part, whether or not your sexual partner asks about your HIV status has no direct effect on your legal obligation to disclose.

The legal obligation generally arises without the question even being asked..

Is Undetectable the same as negative?

Knowing your status and getting tested regularly would be, well, regular. Being HIV positive and having an undetectable viral load would be considered the same thing as being HIV negative.

Is HIV hard to catch?

It’s true that HIV is a virus, like a cold or the flu — but it doesn’t spread the same way. In fact, it’s a lot harder to catch. You can only get it when certain fluids from someone who’s infected get into your body.

What are the chances of catching HIV?

As for anal sex, the most risky sex act in terms of HIV transmission, if an HIV-negative top—the insertive partner—and an HIV-positive bottom have unprotected sex, the chances of the top contracting the virus from a single encounter are 1 in 909 (or 0.11 percent) if he’s circumcised and 1 in 161 (or 0.62 percent) if …

Do you automatically get HIV from someone who has it?

No, HIV is not always passed on from someone living with HIV. There are lots of reasons why this is the case. For example, if the HIV-positive person is on effective treatment it will reduce the amount of HIV in their body.

Which is the least likely way to become infected with HIV?

Both anal and vaginal sex can also carry a risk of HIV transmission for the “insertive” partner (that is, the person whose penis is inserted into the anus or vagina). Oral sex (either mouth on penis or vulva/vagina) is thought to be very low risk. Rimming (mouth on partner’s anus) is also thought to very low risk.

How long can you stay undetectable?

A person’s viral load is considered “durably undetectable” when all viral load test results are undetectable for at least six months after their first undetectable test result. This means that most people will need to be on treatment for 7 to 12 months to have a durably undetectable viral load.