Question: Which Term Means Surgical Repair Of The Ureter?

Which term means surgical repair of a nerve?

neuroplastyneuroplasty means surgical repair of the nerve..

What is the medical term for incision to remove a stone?

Lithotomy from Greek for “lithos” (stone) and “tomos” (cut), is a surgical method for removal of calculi, stones formed inside certain organs, such as the urinary tract (kidney stones), bladder (bladder stones), and gallbladder (gallstones), that cannot exit naturally through the urinary system or biliary tract.

Is the surgical repair of the urethra?

What is a urethroplasty? Urethroplasty is an open surgical reconstruction or replacement of the urethra that has been narrowed by scar tissue and spongiofibrosis (urethral stricture). Urethroplasty is the gold standard for urethal reconstruction with the best and most durable results.

Which term means a stone located anywhere along a ureter?

ureterolithA ureterolith is a stone located anywhere along the ureter (URETER/O means ureter, and -LITH means stone). … Ureterectasis is the distention of a ureter.

Is surgical fixation of the bladder to the abdominal wall?

Inflammation of the bladder. … A stone located in the urinary bladder. cystopexy. The surgical fixation of the bladder to the abdominal wall.

What is the medical term for ureter?

Listen to pronunciation. (YER-eh-ter) The tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder.

Which term means surgical removal of a stone from the urinary bladder?

Lithotomy. a surgical incision for the removal of a stone (nephrolith) from the bladder. Meatotomy. surgical incision made in the urinary meatus to enlarge the opening. Urethropexy.

Which part of the brain is responsible for the highest level of thought?

CerebrumCerebrum. Beneath the cerebral cortex is the cerebrum, which serves as the main thought and control center of the brain. It is the seat of higher-level thought like emotions and decision making (as opposed to lower-level thought like balance, movement, and reflexes).

Can nerve damage cause urinary incontinence?

Nerves in the body control how the bladder stores or empties urine, and problems with these nerves cause overactive bladder (OAB), incontinence, and underactive bladder (UAB) or obstructive bladder, in which the flow of urine is blocked.

Is the surgical repair of a nerve?

Surgical nerve repair involves exploration of the injured nerve and removal of injured tissue or scar from the nerve endings. After that, a nerve can be directly reconnected if there is enough length on the ends to allow for a good quality repair without tension.

What is the medical term meaning incision into a nerve?

NeurotomyNeurotomy. Surgical incision into a nerve. Neuroplasty. To surgically repair a nerve.

Is the medical term for an involuntary repetitive alternating movement of a part of the body?

Involuntary, repetitive, alternating movements of a body part is called: tremor.

What is the medical term for an incision for removal of a stone quizlet?

nephrolithotomy. incision into a kidney to remove a stone.

Which of the following is the medical term for the surgical removal of a kidney?

nephrectomyKidney removal, or nephrectomy, is surgery to remove all or part of a kidney. It may involve: Part of one kidney removed (partial nephrectomy).

What term means frequent urination?

Abnormally frequent urination (e.g., once every hour or two) is termed urinary frequency.

What is the medical term for surgical repair of the urethra?

Urethr/o/rrhaphy: Suturing of the urethra. Urethr/o/tomy: Incision into the urethra. Urethr/o/spasm: Spasm of the urethra. Urethr/o/cystitis: Inflammation of urethra and bladder.

What is the medical term for ureteral narrowing?

Narrowing of the ureter tube is called a ureteral stricture. Urine backs up into the kidney and causes side and back pain, sometimes kidney infections, kidney stones or kidney damage to function of the kidney. Cause.

What does Urethrostenosis mean?

urethrostenosis (urethr/o/sten/osis) denotes a condition of narrowing of the urethra.