What Is A Good Homemade Deep Conditioner For Natural Hair?

Does deep conditioning help natural hair grow?

One of the keys to healthier hair is a proper protein to moisture balance.

Alternating your deep conditioning sessions between moisture and protein will help keep your hair soft, strong, nourished, and minimize breakage, aiding in growth and length retention..

What can I use to soften my natural hair?

Several tips on how to soften natural hair curls without chemicalsHoney – ¼ cup.Ripe bananas (it’s possible to use baby banana food because it’s washed away easier than bananas)Apple cider vinegar – 1 teaspoon.Molasses (Blackstrap) – ¼ cup.Olive oil – ¼ cup.

Why is deep conditioning important for natural hair?

Deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft and helps to restore the natural shine to the hair. Over time, your hair can accumulate build-up from the weather and also from different products. Deep conditioning your hair helps to smooth the shaft of your hair and gain back the natural shine of your hair.

What home remedy can I use to deep condition my hair?

Here are some of the best natural hair conditioners you can make at home.Vinegar and egg conditioner. … Banana hair mask. … Coconut oil and honey conditioner. … Apple cider vinegar conditioner. … Yogurt hair conditioner. … Aloe Vera hair conditioner.

Is Mayo a deep conditioner?

Mayonnaise makes an effective deep conditioner, and it will leave your locks feeling soft and looking shiny.

How do I make a natural deep conditioner?

1 tablespoon olive oil (or any penetrating oil) 2-3 drops peppermint oil or tea tree oil. plastic conditioning cap….You will need:1 cup regular Mayonnaise.1/3 cup plain yogurt.1/3 cup olive oil (or coconut oil)2 tablespoons honey.plastic conditioning cap.