What Is A High Quality CPR?

What are the 4 components of high quality CPR?

Five main components of high-performance CPR have been identified: chest compression fraction (CCF), chest compression rate, chest compression depth, chest recoil (residual leaning), and ventilation..

What three components are required for quality CPR?

Chest Compression.Airway.Breathing.Defibrillator.

What are the characteristics of high quality CPR?

The critical characteristics of high-quality CPR include:Start compressions within 10 seconds of recognition of cardiac arrest.Push hard, push fast.Compress at a rate of at least 100 times per minute.Push down on the chest approximately 1 1/2 inches for infants.Push approximately 2 inches for children.More items…•

What does high quality CPR mean?

High-quality CPR Defined High quality means providing compressions at the proper depth and rate, making sure not to lean on the chest, and keeping interruptions to an absolute minimum.

What are the 6 concepts in high quality CPR?

Circulation, breathing, airway. Chest compressions, airway, breathing. Breathing, chest compressions, airway.